Exofin Fusion

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  • Innovative three-part skin closure system, available in two sizes, combines a premium polyester mesh strip with Exofin tissue adhesive to quickly close and seal medium to large incisions, forming a complete microbial barrier along the incision line to protect against infection-causing bacteria while keeping the site comfortably sealed until post-surgical removal
  • High-quality mesh has mesh anchors for added protection and easy removal, and contains Exofin proprietary 2-octyl cyanoacrylate monomer with average adhesive cure time of less than one minute
  • Mesh sizes ideal for closing medium incisions up to 20cm in length or longer incisions up to 40cm in length
  • Uniform application distributes tension along the entire incision, preventing the formation of skin gaps
  • Provides faster incision closure than staples or sutures and cures up to four times faster than other leading brands
  • Packaged in a pre-sterilized tray that can be placed directly into the sterile field
  • Waterproof barrier provides comfortable patient protection and ability for patient to shower right away

Product Benefits:

  • Faster OR procedures and time savings from simple, complete, fast-curing adhesion system
  • Lower readmission risk from effective microbial, waterproof barrier that outperforms traditional closure methods of staples or sutures
  • Better patient outcomes with comfortable, post-surgery incision protection system that is easy for patient self-care and provides a flexible yet secure closure of incision site

Uses & Applications:

  • Orthopedics for Total Joint/Hip and Knees
  • Cardiovascular Closure of the Chest/Sternum
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Ortho/Neuro for Spine
  • Obstetrics C-Sections
Model # Ordering Information Packaging
M1222 Exfoin Fusion Skin Closure System 22cm 2 Sets/BX
M1230 Exfoin Fusion Skin Closure System 30cm 2 Sets/BX
M1244 Exfoin Fusion Skin Closure System 60cm 2 Sets/BX