Exofin Precision Pen

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The exofin® Precision Pen is the only pen-style applicator on the market with a variable flow rate and an adjustable tip that allows the user to control the adhesive width.  Every aspect of this innovative applicator is designed to improve clinician control and patient outcomes. With its glass-free, ergonomic design, multiple application options, variable flow rate, and industry leading highest viscosity, the exofin Precision Pen enables medical professionals to apply the industry’s most advanced skin closure adhesive safely and efficiently – with adaptable precision.


Product Benefits:

  • Ergonomic design with grooved, non-slip surface
  • Pressure-controlled, variable adhesive flow rate
  • 152% more usable adhesive than Dermabond Advanced®
  • Highest viscosity
  • Fastest drying adhesive
  • 14-day microbial barrier

Applications For Closure:

  • Micro-Bristle Brush for Wide Coverage
  • Inverted Brush for Narrow Lines
  • Angled Precision Tip for Micro Lines
Model # Ordering Information Packaging
M1261  exfoin Precision Pen HV Topical Skin Adhesive 1ml 12 Units/BX