Neonatal/Infant Temperature Probes

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  • Thermal Reflectors hold Temperature Probes securely to skin
  • Hydrogel is gentle on infant skin and allows easy repositioning
  • Temperature Probes are single patient use for length of stay
  • Temperature Probes come with 100 Large Reflectors
Model # Ordering Information Packaging
SM4200 Thermal Reflector, 1.5in X 1.25in, Large, Gold Heart-Shaped 200/case
SM4220 Thermal Reflector, 1in X 7/8in, Small, Gold Heart-Shaped 100/case
SM4501NP Neonatal Temp Probes for Air-Shields® lsolette® Infant Incubator Model C-100. Infant Radiant Warmer 7810, 7820, 7830, 7840, 7860, 7865 50/case
SM4503NP Neonatal Temp Probes for Ohmeda® IC, GC, and CP Incubators. Infant Warmer Systems 3000, 3300, and 5000 50/case
SM4504NP Neonatal Temp Probes for GE® Giraffe OmniBed, Giraffe Incubators, Giraffe Warmers 50/case
SM4505NP Neonatal Temp Probes for Drager® Babytherm® 8004 & Babytherm®. 8010 CALEO Incubators 50/case
SM4506NP Neonatal Temp Probes for Drager® Isolette® C2000 & 8000 Incubators. Versalet 7700 Care Center 50/case
SM4507NP Neonatal Temp Probes for ATOM Infa Warmer 1, ATOM Medical Incubators 50/case