Temperature Probe Cable

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  • Provides interface between the disposable temperature probes and the patient temperature monitor or hypo-hyperthermia machine
  • Each cable features a unique insert-molded socket into which the insert-molded connector (plug) from the temperature probe is mated to form a tightly sealed, moisture resistant connection
  • Cables are approximately 3 meters (10 feet) in length, freeing up work space around the patient
  • Linen clip comes fitted to each sensor cable and is used to secure the cable to the patient bedding, minimizing unintentional pulling or dislodgement of the sensor probe during use
  • Cables are insulated and durable, providing secure transmission of temperature signal to the patient monitor and allowing for complete “wipe down” disinfection after each use
Model # Ordering Information Packaging
SMC400-MP-M Standard 1/4" Phone plug 400 Series, 10ft 10 EA/BX
SMC400-P-M Philips/HP Cable 400 Series, 10ft 10 EA/BX