Tympanic Temperature Probe

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  • Provides safe and secure seal of ear canal for canal to equilibrate to tympanic temperature, more closely approximating the core body temperature in a less invasive manner
  • Probe features a dual memory foam tip for protection of the tympanic membrane with less risk of perforation or damage while also providing dual layers for a more accurate temperature reading without physically touching the tympanic membrane
    • Foam tip 1 encapsulates and protects the temperature sensor in a soft, memory foam cushion
    • Foam tip 2 provides a barrier to tip 1 and easily collapses during insertion and expands once in place to seal the ear canal from ambient air
  • PVC applicator and strain relief offers easy insertion while protecting the lead wire from kinks
  • Thinner lead wire is more pliable and provides greater accuracy
  • Available in multiple sizes for use in infant to adult
  • Ships 50 per box
Model # Ordering Information Packaging
SM400TY Adult Tympanic Temperature Sensor 400 Series 50 EA/BX
SM400TYP Pediatric Tympanic Temperature Sensor 400 Series 50 EA/BX