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Quick-Select Buttons

User friendly, quick-select buttons allow procedures to be performed with improved accuracy and speed and are designed for maximum patient safety in case immediate pressure changes are required during a surgical procedure – no need to press arrows and confirmation keys.

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Timer Alarm

Precise time-monitoring during use means increased patient safety. A clinician can add additional time to the elapsed inflation time in increments of 10, 20, or 30 minutes to lessen the chance of complications. Should a complication occur, comprehensive documentation of all perioperative data helps to mitigate hospital risk.

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Touchscreen Technology

The large 8” touch screen interface displays clear information regarding pressure and inflation time, reducing the risk of mistakes and allowing for precise regulation. The powerful Lithium-Ion battery with eight-hour backup helps clinicians easily overcome long power failures and ensures safe continuation of a procedure.

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Reusable Cuffs

The economical and sustainable solution for hospitals, health systems, and surgery centers, SourceMark’s reusable tourniquet cuffs allow sterilization by autoclaving. Autoclaving, as the most effective and reliable means of sterilizing, eliminates the need to wait for 3rd party sterilization, making the cuffs immediately available for re-use. Available in Single or Double Cuff with Infant, Child, and multiple Arm and Leg sizes. Color-coded for easier selection and ordering.

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Disposable Cuffs

For contaminated procedures, SourceMark offers a full range of disposable cuffs to assist in preventing hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). Each cuff is sterile-packed for single use. Available in Single or Double Cuff with Infant, Child, and multiple Arm and Leg sizes. Color-coded for easier selection and ordering.

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Roll-On Cuffs

Our Roll-On Cuffs are a unique and exclusive exsanguination system for quick procedures. Made of 100% medical-grade silicone, they can be sterilized and reused, providing an economical benefit. Available in six sizes, ranging from 20cm to 70cm. Color-coded for easier selection and ordering.

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For patient safety and maintaining a sterile surgical area, we carry a line of accessories in a variety of sizes. Esmarch Bandages allow for safe sanguination of any extremity and are available in reusable and single-use. Tourniquet Drapes seal against fluid accumulation under the cuff, protecting the patient’s skin. Tourniquet Sleeves reduce pinching and shearing of the skin. Cuff Covers keep the cuff free from soiling.

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