The Alliance Program


The SourceMark Alliance Program provides entrepreneurs, inventors, and pioneers in the healthcare space, as well as medical technology companies and medical device manufacturers, a conduit with which to commercialize their product or renew focus on non-crucial product lines. We seek out those products that improve upon an under-performing legacy product or is a new market invention which positively impacts the delivery of care within the clinical setting. Our Alliance Program combines the brightest in innovation with our proven market expertise, systems, and resources to accelerate speed-to-market of these solutions.


Our approach is unique and tailored to meet each entrepreneur’s specific vision. We undertake our Alliance engagements focused on helping each innovator bring the best possible product to market at an affordable cost with professionalism and integrity. Unlike most large medical device companies, which seek to litigate those pioneers out of business or buy and shelve their products to serve their own corporate agenda, we strive to bring those products to our clinicians, the hospitals where they work, and the patients for whom they care. Ultimately, our goal is to unlock innovation especially from those pioneer inventors and creators of new clinical products or technology solutions who dedicate their ingenuity to saving lives on the healthcare battlefield.

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Product Development & Manufacturing

Get help navigating the waters of obtaining your patent and product licensing in the proper countries, not only for U.S. commercialization, but also for global manufacturing. We help ensure you have the right patents in the right countries to avoid creating a potentially competitive environment in a country where a patent has not been obtained. We also work with manufacturers all over the world who can help source raw materials for development of your product’s manufacturing, quality, and packaging. We can guide you through the process of scaling your product to production, from rapid prototyping all the way down to full-scale manufacturing, so you’re prepared to take your product to market.

Investor Support

We can help acquire financing for your product through our partnerships, relationships in the industry and with private equity firms, from our own management, or straight from SourceMark through a shared relationship model.

Supply Chain/Warehousing

We assist with forecasting and planning for realistic manufacturing and adoption expectations. Based on those growth predictions and by engaging our supply chain team, we can help better anticipate the manufacturing need for your product or device.

Regulatory Approvals & Clearances

We guide you through the process of finding predicate devices for a 510(k) premarket clearance pathway or, if it’s an innovative technology, we can help guide you through the Premarket Approval (PMA) process to validate that your new device or technology is safe and effective for use.


Five regional vice presidents and 50+ field-based individuals that cover the country mean sales support and exposure for your product across the entire United States. We develop both top-down and bottom-up sales strategies to be able to win at the individual, hospital, and IDN level. We also help refine your target market, identify and execute marketing strategies that align with the executive and field sales activities, and maximize the messaging and positioning of your product to simplify and shorten the buying process for hospitals and health systems.

Clinical Training & Implementation

Take advantage of SourceMark’s clinical educators who can support the implementation and ongoing training process for your product. We help develop training activities and materials so that clients can not only onboard to the new product, but also train their own staff as they have turnover. Additionally, we have the resources to execute those initiatives and training plans as needed as part of the closing of your sales deals.

National Accounts & GPOs

Utilize our group purchasing organization (GPO) and integrated delivery network (IDN) relationships to accelerate a product’s speed to market and open up access to key buyers within the healthcare marketplace. Our team has extensive experience in working with multiple GPOs and IDNs to help you navigate contracting and support large-scale adoption and revenue growth for your product. As a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), we can break through some of the barriers other organizations can’t.

Distribution Channel Opportunities

SourceMark has established relationships with some of the major players in the market including Cardinal Health, McKesson, Owens & Minor, Concordia Healthcare Solutions, and Medline. Leverage these relationships to expand the number of facilities that can warehouse and distribute your product and help streamline the adoption and large-scale access of your product into the 5,000 hospitals and 4,000 surgery centers across the country.

Support & Service

Leverage SourceMark’s highly experienced customer service team to properly support hospital buyers and supply chain partners. In the event there are issues, complaints, or service needs, our team already has the processes and systems in place to be able to support those needs and ensure those customers remain loyal.

How Our Process Works

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