Conventional Laryngoscope Handle and Blades

Conventional Laryngoscopes

SourceMark’s ClearViz laryngoscopy solutions platform provides the clinician with a comprehensive selection of tools for any intubation situation. Designed as an all-in-one solution for visualized airway management and respiratory care, the ClearViz platform empowers the healthcare provider in all urgent, therapeutic, or diagnostic procedures, making them as safe and effective as possible.

ClearViz Video Laryngoscopes

Video Laryngoscopes

The ClearViz Video Laryngoscope is the most advanced visualization technology to improve both the patient and clinical experience while achieving double-digit cost savings. The ClearViz Video Laryngoscope system provides a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for visualized airway management and respiratory care with a flexible, rigid, and blade approach that enables the clinician to easily and quickly switch between adult, pediatric, or infant modes on the fly.

KoZee Convective Warming

Convective Warming

SourceMark’s KoZee Patient Warming System is the next innovation in advanced convective warming technology, engineered to enable clinicians to safely and easily maintain their patient’s normothermia in the perioperative environment – which could mean the difference between a positive patient outcome or a complicated recovery. Enable simple, safe, and efficient management of patient temperature with the KoZee Patient Warming System.

Norm O Temp

Conductive Warming

The Norm-O-Temp® is a whole body system that allows conductive warming therapy to be administered. It can be used in the operating room, pre-op, recovery or emergency department and when paired with Gelli-Roll® makes the perfect Temperature Management device for your OR.


Resistive Warming

The ASTOPAD™ resistive, reusable patient warming system is safe and simple to operate. It helps prevent and treat hypothermia throughout the perioperative journey for all surgical patients.

Quikpak Silicone Disposable Laryngeal Mask Airway

Laryngeal Mask Airways

Our Laryngeal Mask Airway (LMA) products are a minimally invasive airway management solution for use in routine, emergency anesthetic, and surgical procedures. Designed to help clinicians reduce the risk of airway-related complications and improve procedural efficiencies, our LMAs provide a secure, open airway for assisted or controlled ventilation and are clinically tested and proven to meet both industry and regulatory standards.

Reinforced ET Tube Cuffed

Endotracheal Tubes

The SourceMark Endotracheal (ET) tube is a single-use medical device intended for airway management by oral and nasal intubation during routine, emergency anesthetic, and surgical procedures. Our ET tubes are purposefully designed to help clinicians secure a patient’s airway and establish and maintain airway patency in anesthesia, critical care, mechanical ventilation, and emergency medicine.

Nashopharyngeal Airway

Nasopharyngeal Airways

Our Nasopharyngeal Airway products are designed for patient comfort with smooth, rounded edges and a beveled tip for easy insertion. The sturdy, kink-free tube, made from medical-grade PVC, is angled to help reduce the risk of injury during insertion or withdrawal. Our airways are available in a full range of sizes to accommodate both infant and adult use and are clinically tested and proven to meet both industry and regulatory standards.

General Purpose Probe

Disposable Temperature Probes

Our family of disposable temperature probes and sensors are manufactured as a single-use medical device for continuously monitoring a patient’s temperature during general anesthesia procedures. All our probes feature specific designs that minimize patient harm during application and enhance the accuracy of the temperature reading, minimizing fluctuation and intermittent readings.

Aluminum Stylet


Our aluminum stylet is an excellent solution for clinicians needing to shape tracheal tubes during patient intubation. The aluminum composition provides a firm yet easily moldable material for pre-shaping the tracheal tube to allow for reduced friction, ease of insertion, and withdrawal.

Nasaclip device close up

Epistaxis Management

NasaClip is the first and only adjustable nosebleed rescue device that provides constant, hands-free compression on Kiesselbach’s plexus (the source of bleeding for most anterior nosebleeds). NasaClip meets the need for quick, effective anterior nosebleed treatment with minimal provider involvement in the ER, combining external nasal pressure and soft intranasal sponges that can be medicated to provide nosebleed treatment that’s better tolerated and less expensive than nasal tamponade devices.

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