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Embracing the strength in our differences & the immense value it brings to innovation

SourceMark is one of the healthcare industry’s largest certified Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) and can offer more adaptability, flexibility, and balance as compared to a non-MBE supplier. In fact, procurement organizations that work with diverse suppliers have lower overall operating costs and spend 20 percent less on their buying operations.* By partnering with a diverse supplier, you gain better products at a better price for better patient outcomes.

SourceMark's Economic & Social Impact

Driving Competitiveness, Unlocking Innovation, Improving Outcomes

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Products & Services of Competitively High Quality & Value
Partnering with a diverse supplier can provide a competitive advantage to those who choose to embrace it – particularly in an era of increased competition and rapid technological change. The pool of potential suppliers widens and creates more competition within the supply base. At the same time, it can improve the quality of the product and reduce costs.


Unique Market Insights
Innovation comes mostly from small to medium-sized businesses, which makes incorporating such entities within the supply chain a critical factor for organizations seeking to bring new solutions and breakthrough technology to market. Diverse suppliers not only boost competitiveness and market growth, but also drive innovation through the introduction of new ideas, products, and services to make you more competitive.

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A Resilient & Agile Supply Chain
Diverse suppliers can have a tremendous economic impact on your organization because they aid the development of resilient and agile supply chains by expanding the supplier base. There is increasing pressure on procurement to become more agile while remaining relevant and competitive. This can be achieved by looking beyond traditional ways of sourcing and creating diversity among your suppliers.


Diversity & Social Impact
But it goes further than these economic benefits to encompass social value. It’s also about the ability to reduce socio-economic inequality and create stronger, more stable communities. Pivoting from a mindset of pure cost savings to one that combines social value, sustainability and cost savings creates long-term significance.

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SourceMark drives competition, innovation, and efficiencies in the supply chain and injects diversity of thought and experiences into our business solutions so we can remain agile, disruptive, and ahead of the market.

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