Exofin Precision Pen box

Topical Skin Adhesive

Designed to improve clinician control and patient outcomes, our skin adhesive products quickly close and seal simple lacerations, wounds, and large incisions, forming a complete microbial barrier along the incision line to protect against infection-causing bacteria while keeping the site comfortably sealed until removal. Experience better patient outcomes with a comfortable protection system that provides a flexible yet secure closure.

Surgical Clipper

Surgical Clippers

More economical than traditional razors and other competitive clipper models, SourceMark’s surgical clipper provides an optimal cutting angle for use on any area. Its single-use disposable blades are color coded for use and securely attach to the handle with an easy-on/easy-off head alignment. The blade attachment heads are designed to prevent the moving blades from touching patient skin thereby reducing the risk of nicks, cuts, and discomfort.

Tourniquet Touch product shot

Pneumatic Tourniquet Capital Equipment

The Tourniquet Touch provides the best possible environment for safe surgical procedures in O.R. and ambulatory settings. The large 8” touch screen interface displays clear information regarding pressure and inflation time, reducing the risk of mistakes and allowing for precise regulation. Quick-select buttons allow procedures to be performed with improved accuracy and are designed to maximize patient safety in case immediate pressure changes are required during surgical procedures. The product offering includes tourniquet cuffs, sleeves, and accessories.

Tourniquet Touch Disposable Cuff

Tourniquet Cuffs and Accessories

Our comprehensive line of single-use and reusable pneumatic tourniquet cuffs are designed to safely and effectively pause blood flow while protecting against cross-contamination and bacterial transference. Crafted from kink-resistant silicone, the tubing minimizes risk of latex allergy, while the high-quality cuff material enables easy application and a comfortable fit. These cuffs will allow providers to cultivate a safe, efficient, and comfortable perioperative environment with tourniquet cuffs engineered to stop blood, fight infection, and prioritize patient care.

Animated Trendelenburg

Surgical Positioning

Patient positioning injury is a known perioperative risk, with incidences identified in up to one third of the potential population. Our Opt-Shield™ Air Trendelenburg and Supine positioners with warming are all-in-one solutions that not only provide safer patient positioning, but also reduce the risk of hypothermia. They enable surgeons, robotic coordinators, nurses and anesthesiologists to keep their patients secure and warm in multiple types of minimally invasive and robotic-assisted surgeries.

Patient Warming

The ASTOPAD resistive, reusable patient warming system is safe and simple to operate. It helps prevent and treat hypothermia throughout the perioperative journey for all surgical patients. All ASTOPAD blankets are made of Gentherm’s proprietary Carbotex radiolucent heating technology. Each blanket is designed with 8 sensors enabling enhanced patient safety and precise temperature control.

Superior, Patient-Centric Products

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