Astopad Blanket Value: The Ultimate Solution for Comfort, Warmth, Reliability and Safety

SourceMark is proud to have added a groundbreaking solution in patient safety—the ASTOPAD™ patient warming system earlier in 2024. Designed to address the critical need for effective perioperative temperature management, this revolutionary system includes a suite of features aimed at providing unparalleled comfort, reliability, and safety for patients. 

At the core of ASTOPAD blankets lies Gentherm’s Carbotex® heating technology, a testament to SourceMark’s commitment to excellence and the partnership announced in January of 2024. This innovative heating system ensures optimal warmth and comfort for the patient, while prioritizing reliability and safety for clinicians.  

What truly distinguishes ASTOPAD blankets is their unparalleled flexibility and versatility. Whether in the operating room or around the hospital, medical professionals can rely on ASTOPAD blankets to provide quiet, comfortable, and reliable warming to prevent and treat hypothermia in surgical patients. This versatility makes ASTOPAD blankets an indispensable tool for medical professionals seeking efficient temperature management solutions in diverse clinical settings. 

Comfort and Warmth 

ASTOPAD blankets redefine patient comfort in the perioperative setting, offering a safe, soothing, and reassuring patient experience. Utilizing the power of Carbotex heating technology, these blankets provide a consistent and enveloping warmth second to none. Unlike older warming methods, which may result in uneven heating or discomfort, ASTOPAD blankets ensure a gentle and uniform warmth that promotes relaxation and well-being. 

The benefits of Carbotex heating technology extend beyond mere comfort. By maintaining a precise temperature range, ASTOPAD blankets can help to prevent hypothermia—a common concern for patients before, during and after surgical procedures due to the increased risk of infection it poses. This advanced heating technology minimizes fluctuations in body temperature, reducing the risk of complications and supporting improved patient outcomes. 

 ASTOPAD blankets prioritize patient comfort and play a crucial role in maintaining stability throughout the perioperative journey. Medical professionals can trust ASTOPAD blankets to provide a level of warmth and comfort that goes beyond expectations, ensuring the best possible experience for their patients. 

Safety and Reliability  

Clinicians need equipment they can depend on, making reliability a paramount virtue in clinical care. ASTOPAD blankets embody this principle, offering a level of dependability that medical professionals can trust with confidence. At the heart of their reliability lies a sophisticated system of embedded sensors, strategically positioned to prevent hot spots and ensure uniform heating across the blanket’s surface. This proactive approach to temperature management not only enhances patient comfort but also mitigates the risk of thermal injury—a critical consideration in perioperative care. 

ASTOPAD blankets are crafted from high-quality, reusable materials that prioritize both reliability and sustainability. Unlike single-use alternatives, which may compromise performance or generate unnecessary waste, ASTOPAD blankets can be easily wiped down with hospital-approved disinfectants and reused, ensuring optimal performance with minimal environmental impact. This commitment to sustainability reflects SourceMark’s dedication to responsible healthcare practices, further reinforcing the reliability of ASTOPAD blankets in clinical settings. 

ASTOPAD blankets set a high standard for reliability and safety in patient warming technology. With their advanced sensors, reusable materials, and commitment to sustainability, ASTOPAD offers medical professionals a solution they can rely on, ensuring the safety and well-being of their patients throughout the perioperative journey. 


ASTOPAD blankets are designed to adapt seamlessly to a wide range of patient positioning scenarios, making them incredibly versatile tools. Whether draped over the patient or integrated with positioning devices on OR tables, ASTOPAD blankets offer flexibility without compromising safety. 

One of the key features that enhance the versatility of ASTOPAD blankets is their compatibility with patient positioning devices commonly used in operating rooms. Whether patients are positioned supine, prone, or in lateral decubitus, ASTOPAD blankets can be securely integrated with positioning devices to ensure optimal warmth and comfort throughout the procedure. 

ASTOPAD blankets can be wrapped around the patient while in use, allowing for unparalleled versatility in positioning. This unique feature enables medical professionals to customize the placement of the blankets based on the specific needs of the patient, further enhancing their efficacy in diverse surgical settings. 

Convenience and Accessibility 

ASTOPAD blankets are designed with both patients and medical professionals in mind, offering features that enhance portability and accessibility in clinical settings. With an integrated rechargeable battery, ASTOPAD blankets provide uninterrupted warmth without the need for external power sources, allowing for seamless use during patient transport or in areas where access to power outlets may be limited. 

The ASTOPAD’s radiolucent nature ensures compatibility with medical X-ray procedures, eliminating the need for blanket removal during imaging studies. This feature not only streamlines workflow in busy medical environments but also enhances patient comfort by minimizing disruptions to their care. 

By combining portability and X-ray compatibility, ASTOPAD blankets enhance accessibility and empower medical professionals to deliver optimal patient care with ease and efficiency. Whether in the operating room, emergency department, or intensive care unit, ASTOPAD blankets are the go-to solution for convenient and accessible patient warming. 

ASTOPAD blankets offer a comprehensive solution that prioritizes comfort, warmth, and safety all in one. From their innovative Carbotex heating technology to their versatility in positioning, ASTOPAD blankets excel in meeting the diverse needs of patients and medical professionals alike.  

No matter the setting, clinicians can trust ASTOPAD blankets to provide optimal warmth and comfort to their patients. As SourceMark offers the industry’s broadest set of patient warming solutions, ASTOPAD blankets are just one of many options offered by SourceMark embodying excellence in efficiency, safety, and reliability. ASTOPAD blankets are more than just a warming solution—they’re a testament to SourceMark’s commitment to excellence and patient well-being.