ClearViz Video Laryngoscope Platform

Wireless Connectivity

ClearViz is built on a single innovative hardware and software platform that provides wired or wireless options for pairing to a 13.3″ or 3.5″ display option for HD visualization. The interchangeable wireless module easily pairs to the 13.3” HD monitor to further distance the clinician without the traditional cables associated with many existing video systems. The wireless module connects to all ClearViz video scopes: flexible, rigid, or handheld for a clear and enlarged view of the airway.

ClearViz Video Laryngoscope Adult Infant Slide

Handle & Universal Slide

The handle features an “on-the-fly” slide that eliminates the need to keep several handles or batons on hand, allowing for fast and easy blade changes for any patient size. The handle fits six blade sizes, including 2 MAC blades: CV1BL, CV2BL, CV3BL, CV4BL, CV3MAC, and CV4MAC.

ClearViz Video Laryngoscope Workstation

Workstation/Video Monitor

The 13.3” workstation with a high-definition (HD) touch screen monitor supports connection with all our ClearViz Video Laryngoscopes by wireless module, Type-C cables, and Wi-Fi, so it can perfectly assist physicians in endotracheal intubation, continuous airway monitoring, telemedicine, and online training. Easily swap the 3.5” handle-mounted display or wireless module to the larger host display. Both the 3.5” video monitor and 13.3” workstation record all images and sound.

ClearViz Video Laryngoscope


ClearViz provides a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for visualized airway management and respiratory care with a flexible, rigid, and blade approach. The ClearViz Visualization Airway Management Platform includes video laryngoscope, video rigid laryngoscope, and video flexible laryngoscope.

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