Tourniquet Touch

Keeping Pressure (and Supply) in Check with Tourniquet Touch

We are living in post-pandemic times of constant adaptation. Like every other business, hospitals are facing a wide spectrum of challenges and suffering a lot of instability in supply-chain management. Challenges drive innovation, and many hospitals and healthcare systems have invested in new technology to insulate themselves from market conditions. Some of the most exciting answers are coming from the product side.

Tourniquet Touch meets this growing need to positively impact supply shortages through its ability to operate with reusable cuffs. This electrically operated surgical tourniquet combines quality, reliability, safety, and ease-of-use to help clinicians simplify crucial life-saving routines.

The Tourniquet Touch (TT) is available in two versions, each designed as a premium solution for performing a safe surgical procedure in O.R. and ambulatory surgery:

  • The Tourniquet Touch TT15 model is designed for use with a single cuff and pressure infusion cuff for irrigation. Key benefits of the irrigation channel connection include preventing incorrect cuff connection and constant monitoring of pressure to compensate for the loss of volume.
  • The Tourniquet Touch TT20 model has a few more functions: a single cuff, a double cuff for intravenous regional anesthesia (IVRA), or two single cuffs for bilateral surgery. An important feature is the safety lockout built to reduce the risk of unintentional cuff deflation and prevent the hazard of a sudden loss of IVRA.

Tourniquet Touch is a superior model when it comes to high precision, performance, and maintenance. User-friendly innovations such as quick select buttons and special alarm system simplify the use of the device and reinforce patient safety. The large 8” touchscreen interface displays clear information regarding pressure and inflation time, reducing the risk of mistakes and allowing for precise regulation.

Additionally, the powerful Lithium-Ion battery with eight-hour backup easily overcomes long power failures and ensures safe continuation of surgical procedures. The Tourniquet Touch is also low maintenance with preventative maintenance recommended on an annual basis and carried out automatically with 3 integrated tests: self-test, leak test, and calibration.

Let’s take a closer look at the key design features shared by the TT15 and TT20 models:

Quick select buttons. Clinicians must operate with speed and efficiency in regulating pressure during surgical procedures to ensure maximum patient safety. Quick-select buttons enable clinicians to change pressure and time to the preset values with only two touches – no need to press arrows and confirmation keys.

Timer alarm. Another clinician-friendly innovation, the timer alarm ensures precise time monitoring by alerting the user once the set time has been reached. This minimizes the chances of complications, and there is an extra safety function of adding additional time to the elapsed inflation time in increments of 10, 20, or 30 minutes.

Reusable and re-sterilizable silicone cuffs. This addition signifies the start of a sustainable and cost-saving chapter for modern tourniquets. There are clear advantages to sterilization by autoclaving as it makes the cuffs immediately available without waiting for 3rd party sterilization.

We know that best practices for surgical tourniquets require a precise balance between providing a sterile environment and protecting patient wellbeing, including delicate tissues. The Tourniquet Touch system offers disposable and reusable cuffs as a high-performance alternative to standard solutions. The models are designed to bring precision and simplicity to these invaluable tools, and reusable options can play a vital role in maintaining cuff supply and setting new standards of care.

Want to see the Tourniquet Touch and its range of reusable cuffs in action? To find out more or request a demo, contact us.