KoZee Interface

Intuitive User Interface

KoZee’s intuitive user interface allows for one-touch temperature and airflow selections to achieve preferred clinical settings. The display screen provides clear indications for settings, relevant information, and warnings.

KoZee Convective Warming

Advanced Warming Unit

The ceramic heating element heats up quickly and safely. Compared to resistance wire heating used in current technology, ceramic heating operates at a lower temperature, reducing the risk of fire. A low volume airflow system, which creates 41% less airflow than the current market leader, results in less blanket loft and lower risk of thermal injury.

KoZee HEPA Filter

Dual-Layer HEPA Filtration

KoZee’s Patient Warming System features a dual-layer high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration system to improve filtration of contaminants. First, a particulate filter layer removes particles and impurities from the air, prolonging the life and effectiveness of the second layer. Second, a 0.2μm HEPA filtration layer with 99.999% efficiency further absorbs much smaller viral and bacterial particulates, lessening the risk of cross contamination.

KoZee Blanket

Warming Blankets

Permeable, non-woven blankets combined with low airflow volume provide a more uniform and consistent temperature while delivering better heat transfer to the patient to help control against the onset of hypothermia. Sterile and individually packaged, the Kozee warming blankets also help reduce the risk of cross-contamination before, during, and after surgery. Our comprehensive warming blanket offering includes interoperative warming blankets, postoperative warming blankets, underbody warming blankets, and pediatric warming blankets in a full range of models and sizes.

KoZee Blanket

Warming Suits

The low volume airflow system coupled with the ceramic heating element mean consistent and uniform temperature distribution across the KoZee warming suits to deliver better heat transfer to the patient and help maintain normothermia. Sterile and individually packaged, the Kozee warming suits also help reduce the risk of cross-contamination before, during, and after surgery. Our warming suits are available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes.

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