Tourniquet Touch Buttons

Quick-Select Buttons

User friendly, quick-select buttons allow procedures to be performed with improved accuracy and speed and are designed for maximum patient safety in case immediate pressure changes are required during a surgical procedure – no need to press arrows and confirmation keys.

Tourniquet Touch Timer Alarm

Timer Alarm

Precise time-monitoring during use means increased patient safety. A clinician can add additional time to the elapsed inflation time in increments of 10, 20, or 30 minutes to lessen the chance of complications. Should a complication occur, comprehensive documentation of all perioperative data helps to mitigate hospital risk.

Tourniquet Touch product shot

Touchscreen Technology

The large 8” touch screen interface displays clear information regarding pressure and inflation time, reducing the risk of mistakes and allowing for precise regulation. The powerful Lithium-Ion battery with eight-hour backup helps clinicians easily overcome long power failures and ensures safe continuation of a procedure.

Tourniquet Touch Reusable Cuff

Cuffs & Accessories

From SourceMark Medical comes a comprehensive line of tourniquet cuffs and accessories designed to safely and effectively pause blood flow during surgery. Allow your providers to cultivate a safe, efficient, and comfortable peri-operative environment with tourniquet cuffs engineered to stop blood and prioritize patient care.

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