Surgical Clipper

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  • Simple yet versatile design delivers performance and ease-of-use by clinicians for an enjoyable patient experience with effective results
  • Single-patient-use disposable blades are color coded for use on sensitive areas, general purpose, and course hair types and attach with an easy-on/easy-off head alignment to the handle for secure attachment every time
  • Blade attachment heads are designed to prevent moving blade from touching patients skin to reduce nicks, cuts and discomfort to patient
  • Handle ergonomically designed for natural grip and optimal cutting angle
  • One-switch control with wall-mount or freestanding charging base
  • Water-resistant for use wet or dry and for simple cleaning, disinfection and reuse
  • More economical over time that traditional razor and other competitive clipper models
Model # Ordering Information Packaging
SMCLIPPER Surgical Clipper w/ Charger and Base 1 EA
SMBLADEU Blade For Clipper Universal Gray 50 CA
SMBLADEUF Blade For Clipper Universal FLAT 50 CA
SMBLADEN Blade For Clipper Narrow Magenta 50 CA
SMBLADENF Blade For Clipper Narrow FLAT 50 CA
SMBLADEC Blade For Clipper Coarse Hair Blue 50 CA
SMBLADECF Blade For Clipper Coarse Hair FLAT 50 CA