SourceMark’s Top On-Contract Products at Premier Breakthroughs

The key to great partnerships is alignment on the fundamental beliefs that really matter. When two people, groups or organizations connect and pull in the same direction, real progress is made. SourceMark is committed to advancing ingenuity and innovation to improve the clinician and patient experience, and Premier Breakthroughs 23 is looking to transform patient care by connecting the latest in technology, health equity, supplier innovation and more. We are elated to showcase our powerful offering of comprehensive anesthesia and airway management solutions that bring innovation to patient care while improving outcomes.

Broad Selection of Cost-Effective Products

New ideas come into existence all the time, but bridging the gap between innovation and implementation is where true ingenuity is found. SourceMark has created a comprehensive portfolio of innovative anesthesia and airway management solutions featuring a broad selection of cost-effective products. From convective warming and temperature probes to laryngoscopes and endotracheal tubes, let’s look at some of the benefits our lineup has to offer.

Convective Warming

The KoZee Patient Warming System is the future of advanced convective warming technology, featuring an intuitive user interface that provides clear indications for important information. This system is specifically created to simplify the clinician’s ability to maintain their patient’s normothermia in the perioperative environment, a vital component directly affecting recovery. Enable simple, safe, and efficient management of patient temperature with the KoZee Patient Warming System.


The ClearViz Video Laryngoscope provides a complete solution for visualized airway management and respiratory care with first rate adaptability and connectivity. The advanced design includes a handle with an “on-the-fly” slide capable of accommodating six blade sizes, replacing the need for several individual handles. All ClearViz Video Laryngoscopes pair with either a 13.3” high-definition workstation or 3.5” handle-mounted display, further enhancing the ability to improve the patient and clinical encounter.

Temperature Probes

Continuous, accurate monitoring of a patient’s temperature while under general anesthesia is a fundamental building block to providing positive outcomes for your procedures. Our entire line of disposable temperature probes and sensors are manufactured as single-use medical devices that provide accurate readings while minimizing risk, fluctuation, and interference.

Endotracheal Tubes

The SourceMark endotracheal (ET) tube is purposefully designed to support successfully securing a patient’s airway and maintaining airway patency. Our ET tubes feature specific benefits including tube tips with thermo-smoothing and left-facing bevel to reduce risk of tissue trauma and facilitate passage through vocal cords.


Our aluminum stylet proves that even simple products can have tremendous benefits when designed intentionally with clinicians and patients in mind. The malleable aluminum composition is both firm and adaptive, allowing the stylet to be formed into the specific shape needed without compromising integrity. The intentional design and materials combined with the friction-reducing coating makes insertion and withdrawal easier and safer.

Nasopharyngeal Airways

SourceMark nasopharyngeal airway products provide a comfortable experience for patients with smooth, rounded edges and a beveled tip for easy insertion. Medical-grade PVC establishes a durable, kink-free tube which is carefully angled to limit complications and lessen injury risk during insertion and withdrawal.

The Next Step to Improving Patient Care

Innovation and ingenuity are key to transforming the healthcare experience, and every step in the right direction improves patient care. Connecting you with our broad selection of cost-effective anesthesia and airway management products is just one way SourceMark can help you take the next step in delivering positive patient experiences and better clinical outcomes. Contact us today to see how we can assist you or to request more information.